Wednesday, August 24, 2011

My First Time

I sit here wondering why Blog--Not something I thought I would ever do, but here I sit.  My name: Teisha Latay Hickman.  An African American woman--When I asked my mother, "Why Teisha Latay?"  She answered, "It seemed French."  I love her. 

I am a Christian.  My status as a Christian overrides everything else--My blackness--My womanhood--My status as daughter, sister, friend.  If I live my life as a Christian well I will be a better everything else—

Watching the world around me it seems that there are so many who see that title—Christian-- as a dirty word.  In many way's I understand the feeling.  So many of us--Christians--spend a great deal of time in opposition to one another and in opposition to what we're called to believe.  It's no wonder how people can be confused and even disgusted by the hypocrisy portrayed.  We represent Him--We are Christianity.

Ever since I made the decision to live this life for real, to give my whole self over to God it hasn't been easy.  The rewards however, far outweigh the difficulties--Now every problem is just another opportunity to practice moving mountains--To listen for directions on which way to move--To allow His love to wash over me and heal a hurting heart.  It saddens me to think my actions could ever turn anyone away from the thing that saved my life--

Well...I'm not sure what this Blog will turn out to be, but I look forward to my second time.

Thank you for reading.
God Bless


  1. Wow, so true, the rewards far outweigh the difficulties. The first blog is encouraging too! I am so amped about it cause it's encouraging me to not give up, continue to stay focused! Thanks Sis!

  2. "If I live my life as a Christian well I will be a better everything else—"
    Sister, that statement is so beautiful and round and whole, and PERFECTLY said. I love you. Looking forward to more!